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?/span> Avoid problems, see the effects on the system of choke changes, equipment bypassing, separator pressure adjustments etc. before implementation.

?/span> Anticipate Washouts

?/span> Predict Hydrates

?/span> Advise of sub-design temperatures

?/span> Warn of overpressures

?/span> Affirm Relief System Capacities

?/span> Warn of excessive velocities

?/span> Analyse heater performance

?/span> Monitor Separator Backpressure Valve performance


?/span> Easy to use and understand. Empowers Toolpushers, Safety officers, Barge Engineers, Company Reps PEs etc. to independently assess safety and integrity of third party well testing and well clean up operations performed on their installations.


?/span> Simple drag and drop configuration

?/span> Graphic display. Configuration can be quickly updated on location (extra ells, tees, valves & pipework etc.) giving an accurate AS BUILT picture of the spread.

?/span> Separator, heater, sand filter & choke can be bypassed etc at the click of a button for an immediate re-analysis prior to making the changes.

?/span> Once configured, all that on just three inputs:

1. Choke Opening in 64ths

2. Choke upstream pressure psig

3. Choke upstream temperature �F

4. (Choke downstream pressure psig if subcritical conditions exist)


Unique services to the oilfield.