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UPDATE 18/6/2008





Now updated to include heat shadows cast by equipment and structures.


Invariably with cyclone elements the manufacturer will supply you with capacity curves for water.

Cyclones in wellhead desander service are of course dealing with multiphase fluids, and, depending on operating pressure, the gas phase can induce a tremendous reduction in the cyclones capacity as given by the manufacturers curves.

From the manufactures data we are able to supply revised capacities for multiphase fluid desanding tailored to expected flowing parameters.

UPDATE 4/8/2007


Estimating SIMULTANEOUS Gas rate & Liquid rates  thru' choke without a separator.

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UPDATE 18/6/2008



Computer Analysis of Testing Systems


The new program CATS, (Computer Analysis of Testing Systems) is even better than

I anticipated (but I would say that wouldn't I).



It will:


Warn of imminent washouts and give remaining service life in days, or hours, as

appropriate of each element of pipe work both upstream and downstream of sand filters.


Warn and locate excessive velocities in hoses & pipe work etc.


Warn of Sub Critical conditions at choke.


Warn of low velocities ie flare line burnback.


Warn and locate potential hydrate formation.


Warn and locate deviation from equipment design temperatures.


Warn and locate pressures exceeding design.


Analyse relief lines with respect to capacity and low temperature.


Analyse heater performance and offer recommendation.


Analyse separator BPV valve performance.


Simple drag and drop configuration


Once configured, all that on three inputs.



Go to CATS page

UPDATE 18/4/2009



Joules-Tompson Calculation


Ensure equipment is within its design temperature envelope

Avoid embrittlement failure

Predict hydrate formation



A free online calculator has been added to the J T page allowing simple online calculation of´┐?temperature depression of an expanded 0.7 SG gas.

UPDATE 18/4/2009




Calculation of noise generated by welltest Gas Pipeflares and Oil burners

Determine the maximum exposure times for personnel

Easy to understand graphic and tabular reporting

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UPDATE 23/5/2009




Reference library has now been extensively updated.

To review new additions click here


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